About 100m Records
100m Records is an independent record label founded as an artist collective in 2005 in London, UK. The label has been based on the US east coast, in New York City, since 2009 and is run by artist/producer PJ Norman.

During the time that the label has been in operation it has put out over 30 releases to broad acclaim, including acts that have been regulars on the New York scene such as Django Voris, Fates, Glass Rifle and Relations; in Boston with Soccer Mom; and in London with Lizzie and the Yes Men and tKatKa.

Its bands have played festivals and venues across the US and Europe, including New York's own, CMJ, and its catalog has been used in advertising and broadcast on national radio stations the world over.

In 2015 100m Records celebrated its 10th anniversary by curating a six week festival series named Sugarcube. As a world-renowned destination known for its iconic location, South Street Seaport provided the background for the cutting-edge art space and event series.

Sugarcube was a singular venue, inflatable pop-up art structure, and heated lounge which presented classic and contemporary film screenings, compelling performances, record label showcases, DJ parties, workshops, classes and more. The entire series was filmed and recorded. Excerpts can be watched online at the 100m Records YouTube channel.

100m Records is distributed by INgrooves Music Group.

For more information, and for any queries, please contact: info@100mrecords.com